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"Indoor batting cages with Pitcher Simulator, baseball, and softball hitting and fielding lessons. Hittrax metrics for batting, pitching, and catching. Baseball camps and birthday parties and more..."

Client Feedback

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Bridget Hammons

My husband and I truly appreciate Coach Edi’s humble and disciplined coaching style. He is without question an excellent coach! Edi makes each batting session interesting, fun and challenging as he incorporates valuable life lessons in learning the mechanics of baseball. His new facility is definitely a place where you will feel welcomed as you enjoy watching your child train. My son especially enjoys hitting off the new simulator in addition to his lessons, and is looking forward to training on Hittrax! If you are searching for a Coach that will get get your child to the next level, instill confidence, sportsmanship, respect, quality mechanics and growth, then look no further come check out Coach Edi and his new facility!

Coach Eddie is truly amazing with my son. Brayden has grown so much in the short time he has worked him. He provides a positive atmosphere with the top technology such as the HitTrax for batting. I highly recommend him for any young athlete.



My son has done a complete 180*( mainly because a 360* would put you back where you started). He is more confident, accurate, and has a lot more power coming off the bat. Coach Eddie has definitely become one of the best hitting coaches my son has ever had!

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